5 Wonderful Outdoor Play Equipment You’ve Probably Forgotten

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Toddler Outdoor Toys

When you go outside and have fun with the kids or friends in the garden, it’s nice that you have some fun games to play. Outdoor play equipment it’s a good way to be play together where you really get to know each other. But what games should you choose? You can probably remember games like ping-pong , where you stand and shoot a ball tied to a cord back and forth. But what other games are there? Five bids here on amazing garden games, which you may have forgotten. First, petanque; You can easily play petanque at home in the garden as long as the grass is beaten properly. So it’s easy to see the balls. It’s a fun game that requires both concentration and exercise. It can be really fun to play more together.

Second, crochet; The hook is also a great outdoor play structures. It is not very complicated. And it is therefore easy for children and adults to play against each other. This makes it easy for the whole family to play. You can get croquette sets where you can be up to six participants. It’s therefore a game where you can be a lot with. Third, spin ladder; Spin ladder is also called stigegolf. It consists of a tripod with three transverse sticks. The balls are connected two and two with a string. You must now throw the balls so that they hit one of the pins. You get points according to which stick you hit. It takes a little space. But is a fun and different game where both children and adults can participate. ¬†Fourth, viking game; The Viking game is also called both royal games, chief games and Kubb.

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It is said to have roots in the Middle Ages and probably comes from Sweden, but nobody really knows. You can play only two people against each other. But can also be in teams with up to 12 players in each team. There are therefore good opportunities to be many who play together. It can be played on grass, gravel and sand. Fifth, bowling; when you want to bowl, you definitely do not have to go to a bowling alley. You can easily do it outside. It is therefore also a good option of an outdoor playground for you. To the game you get a big cone and nine small cones that you have to overturn. You get six balls in total. There is a Danish rule set, but you decide how to play. There may be two or three against each other.

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