Acoustic Curtains: They Are Easy To Find!

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Acoustic Curtains Black

Acoustic curtains – you know problem: it reverberates when you talk, you can only hear each other badly and you quickly get a headache when someone is on phone or when radio is on. Then you suffer from poor acoustics in house. We live more and more minimalist. We love wooden floors, tight interiors and large open spaces. Rightly so! In this way our home looks spacious and light, that makes us feel good. But for acoustics it is less. There are simply not enough walls, stuff and textiles in modern homes to absorb sound properly. Then it will ring. Reverberation occurs when sound waves can reflect unkinder on hard surfaces. These can be walls, floors and ceilings or hard materials in interior. Such as glass, wood, stone and steel. Bad acoustics can lead to complaints. Such as loss of concentration, fatigue and headaches.

Fortunately, there is plenty to do! We have put a few ideas for you in a row. Start with floor covering. If you do not like wall-to-wall carpets. Choose a few nice rugs for couch and under dining table. That is also nice. For a pleasant acoustics, preferably 20-30% of floor area should be cover. Acoustic curtains help well against reverberation. Preferably choose a thick window covering or curtains with a double layer of fabric. Do you prefer transparent curtains you can consider combining them with a plissé or a roller blind. More layers between glass and room, less reverberation. Woontextiel is your best friend in improving acoustics. Fill your couch and chairs with nice pillows. And put a few nice plaids there. In winter it is very nice to put a sheepskin in your favorite chai. But if you have a cat, you will soon lose your spot!.

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Large plants also absorb sound, although they are not as effective as fabrics. In this article you can read tips on how to bring nature into your home. Do you have room for a floating wall shelf somewhere? There you can put your favorite books and most beautiful stuff on. And at same time improve acoustic curtains. In kitchen or in nursery you can also hang a big notice board on wall. You can make this yourself from a soft MDF plate coverewith a beautiful fabric. If you are not so creative then there are also nice message boards for sale. Do you remember those old-fashioned room screens that you sometimes see on flea market? They are hip again and they are ideal for catching sound, for example in bedroom. New they are easy to find, if you are not so old stuff.

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