Authentic Eclectic Living Room Millennial Interiors

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Bright Eclectic Living Room Ideas

The eclectic living room is one of the desires of anyone. Authentic design, love for a luxe but still have the spirit to live consciously, millennials have a unique need for life. Millennials love technology that makes life more connected, bold and adaptable designs that evolve with their lifestyles over time. Interior design for the millennium generation is about creativity. Originality but practical and functionality too. Millennials even optimize the smallest space and storage is the key. Old crates that are convert into coffee tables or chai tables have more than one use and take up less space. Use them to store extra pillows or magazines or your blankets.

Antique doors reclaime from Havelis in India are used as wall statues expressing individuality. And uniqueness and providing basic energies. End Tables and crates are made from old windows with brass work, bookcases use curve door frames. And eclectic carvings, old forests and rural patina giving character to old farmhouses. Use vintage patchwork tribal rugs and original hand throws, mandala and midcentury abstract wall hangings. Change walls without spending too much money. The accent wall adds a lot of character and is easy and fun.

Create a dressing wall with vintage curved windows that carry tribal tapestries behind it. Rustic woods, antique barn doors, antique textiles bring old world charm. Depressed forests mixed with iron and brass provides a medieval effect and brings a small, chic farmhouse. The industrial display is the biggest trend, featuring an edgy. Warehouse display with unfinished wood and raw metal surfaces. White cabinets, soft neutral, and cold blue consoles. That are influence by Scandinavian decorations have new meanings. Chakra carving console, brass, and iron-studded flower carvings bring stories from the living room to the bedroom. Carved art on accent walls makes a focal point, personalized old vintage objects. And objects that cannot be found anywhere, making headrests from ancient Indian doors. Coffee tables from Haveli’s reclaim corlo, eclectic creativity is what millennials are known for.

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Chai tables are bigger and more comfortable with sari cushions strewn on the floor. A great place to invite friends and watch TV, the millennial generation is a unique art collector too. The old ink printing ink is convert into a chest and table, a soft patina, matching a cow cart that is so rough and stylish in a farmhouse. Create interiors that fit your unique style, full of passion and practical, simple and grounded, Courageous, Doing, and Be Mogul.

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