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Wicker Patio Dining Set

Patio dining sets tables are typically made of woods like teak, cedar or other treated woods to withstand the weather, as they repel moisture and insects. You can easily build your own patio dining table with the development of limited skills and some selection tools. Save money by building this do it yourself project. And save time by having the cut wood tailored for you at your home improvement store. Place the six 8-inch wide side by side planks of cedar, very close, but do not touch. You can use teak, redwood, or other treated wood for this project, if you prefer. And also keep the wood type of the same for all parts of the dining table, different woods different age. The instructions that appear below are for a period of four feet wide by six feet long dining table.

Place the three 2-inch by 2-inch strips of wood across the width of the 8-inch wide planks. You can put one strip in the center and the other two on each side, 18 inches from the center strip. Pilot holes for the placement of the screws through the wooden strip and on each of the cedar planks. You will have six 3-inch wood screws that attach each of the strips of wood to the cedar planks, one on each plank. Insert the screws. Your patio dining sets tabletop is complete, but you leave it face down as it is. Attach an L bracket to the top of each of the four 6 by 6 cedar posts with a 1-inch wood screw. Drill pilot holes for the screws before attaching the brackets. Depending on the type of support you buy, you will need two or four screws in each bracket.

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Victorian style patio dining sets rooms feature rich colors such as burgundy, royal blue, bronze, charcoal gray and eggplant. The table often large and made of dark wood, with ornamental floral or vine carvings that extend over the side and legs. It is also convenient to have a large table painted whitish. Or a best metallic tone like gold or bronze for a dining room decorated with Victorian details. The head chairs look like little thrones. And may have a seat cushion in burgundy or a deep shade of purple. Additional accents such as velvet curtains in dark shades of beautiful red or blue will add to the authenticity of the decorating scheme.

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