Beautiful Tapestry Curtains In Different Colors

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Door Hanging Tapestry

The first thing that may be interesting to know about the term tapestry curtains that we are dealing with now is that it derives from Greek. More exactly it comes from the word “tapes”. It can be translate as “rug” or “blanket” and that in Latin became “mat”. The term refers to an artistic work that is woven with silk, wool or other material. The result is similar to a painted painting. To reproduce people, animals, landscapes or other figures in a tapestry, yarns of different colors are use. In this way, the figures stand out visually from the rest of the tapestry from this difference of the tonalities. In some cases, however, the tapestries include reliefs. At first, the tapestries had no aesthetic, decorative or artistic purpose. But were hang on the walls to minimize cold radiation and increase the thermal sensation in an environment.

In these cases, the tapestries resembled curtains. Or, if they were place on the floor, carpets. Little by little, the tapestries began to add other values. And became decorative and artistic objects. Even began to use materials such as silver and gold for its preparation. The tapestries went on to cover and decorate furniture and then to hang on the walls. It is possible to distinguish between tapestries lizo low and tapestries of high warp. The low-hedion carpets show a horizontal arrangement, while the high-heel fabrics involve placing the warp in a vertical position. These characteristics make the high-hewn carpets have a superior quality. As we have mentioned, over the years, the tapestries went almost to the category of works of art that today. In many monuments and emblematic places of the world, we can still see in situ and marvel at their beauty.

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Thus, for example, we can establish that in the Royal Palace of Madrid is the one that is consider the best collection of tapestry curtains of the entire planet. It can be find from some that were made from cards of the aforemention Goya to others commi in Brussels during the sixteenth century. The aforemention artist was create in the Royal Tapestry Factory of the Spanish capital. Which was create in the eighteenth century by Philip V and has become a reference as a creator of luxury objects. In the same way, we cannot overlook that another of the most important spaces where there are spectacular tapestries is in the Sistine Chapel. In particular, tapestries made from what were sketches and cartons carried out by the great artist Rafael remain in a perfect state of conservation.

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