Best Corner Linen Cabinet Ideas

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Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Corner linen cabinet – Your closet is supposed to provide storage space, but there seems to never be enough. The corners are particularly problematic spots in all cabinets. Wardrobe bars and shelves usually do not fit properly. If it looks like the storage space is shrinking, maximizing the space at the corners of a closet will help. Installing shelves in the corner of the closet is the easiest way to maximize your closet space. This is ideal for very small cabinets with or without closet rods. A shelf in the corner is a diamond-shaped platform that is installed flush with the corner. The edges of the platform adhere to the adjacent walls of the corner using special triangular supports. Corner shelves come in many sizes and are available in varieties of wood and plastic. Check your home improvement center or a bespoke closet manufacturer for the corner shelves.

If double bars are hung in the cabinet and extend all the way to the walls, the bars overlap and this causes a problem. With two rods mounted to the wall very close together, it is difficult to hang the clothes on each rod. The space in the corner and then it is wasted. Cut one of the short rods and mount it on a 24-inch bracket of the wall adjacent to the corner. The 24 inches of space leaves room for clothes to hang on the adjacent bar, which extends all the way to the other wall. Now you have a bar mounted on each wall that allows you to hang clothes along the entire length of each bar.

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Corner linen cabinet bar is installed inside the corner of the cabinet. This bar has an angle of 90 degrees so it fits perfectly inside the corner, without loss of space. This is another solution to the problem of overlapping bars. Instead of mounting two rods near the corner of the cabinet, with one that stops 24 inches short of the corner, and the other that extends all the way to the wall, a single 90-degree rod is installed that extends all the I walk around the corner. The 90 degree rod is mounted on the brackets near the corners of the cabinet. These brackets support the rod to allow it to continue around the corner. Their clothes hang from the bar along the corner making full use of the space.

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