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Custom window shades – Curtains improve the interior design and the options are limited only by your imagination. More than a mere window cover, curtains provide insulation and protection from the sun. The best option for you depends on your personal style, budget and the structural characteristics of your home. Discount stores, online sites and department stores carry many curtains ready to hang. You can order tailored curtains from furniture stores, fabric stores, interior designers and department stores. No matter what your style, you can find curtain options to fit any budget.

Installed on curtains, borders create a custom, more personalized appearance. A valance mounted near the ceiling creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. Add contrast by choosing a valance in a different color or pattern from the curtains. When used alone, try adding decorative elements or fringes on the bottom. Borders come in a variety of styles, including pennant, box, balloon and handcuffs.

This traditional option gives elegant feeling great custom window shades, more formal. French folds, also known as drag folds include a fold three times at regular intervals. Goblet folds form a few inches below the top of the curtains. The fabric above the fold swelled and formed the shape of a cup. Another fold is the pencil fold, which has uniformly spaced folds and much like pencils, giving the top of the panel a puckered look. Easy to find in department stores, bar pocket curtains offer a clean and simple alternative to pleated draperies and hardware that runs through. Each draped panel contains a pocket that accommodates a rod or pole. Bar pocket curtains cost less because the absence of folds allows for greater coverage with less fabric. Addition of additional panels or cloth gives bar curtains pocket an appearance similar to pleated curtains.

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Coffee curtains custom window shades cover the lower half of the window with a curtain and the upper half with a valance. A standard feature in the kitchens of each thematic country. This type of curtain works so well on doors with windows. To get the Cafe curtains come at a fraction of the cost. Then, mount two tension bars, one on the top and one half of the way, inside a window frame. And then, hang scraps of fabric, large napkins or even pillowcases over the bars for instant coffee curtains.

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