Best Give Your Unfinished Wood Furniture A New Look

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Unfinished Wood Furniture Bay Area

Increase unfinished wood furniture with stains. Coloring adds color when leaving wood fibers visible. This is an easy way to give furniture pieces that are new and unfinished, a professional look. Prepare gloves using new wood when unwrapping furniture to prevent transferring oil from your skin to unprotected raw wood. Eliminate fat points with a glass of alcoholic drinks. Soak a small amount of unprocessed wood to raise the grain. Sand becomes smooth. If this process is not done first, the moisture in the stain will cause an uneven surface.

Stain colors come in various limited shades. Try stains on the non-conspicuous part of the furniture first. Let it dry and check the effect. Colors will be influenced by the type of wood. The more layers applied the stronger the color. Stains soak into the wood rather than coating it like paint, quickly clean the spill or drip before being absorbed and create unattractive color spots. If necessary, cover them with other stain layers. After dampening the wood, rub it with good quality sandpaper for a smooth finish. Always working in the direction of wheat; crossing it will leave a scratch.

Apply a small amount of stain to a soft cotton cloth and rub it along the grain. Working through it will create patchy color areas. If using a brush, use a cloth to remove the hair and the droplets that get lost. Be careful not to coat the stain, which darkens the color. Working in parts, masking areas where overlap can occur. Let the first part dry, and then cover it before coloring the area next to it. Wood stained porous and can absorb water or show traces of spills or sticky fingers. Finish the furniture with two clear varnish layers to seal and protect it. Matte varnish suits the country style, while high gloss is more compatible with formal or modern settings.

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Instead of using natural wood stains, experiment with colors to adjust the furniture and give it its own style. Use different colors on the shelf or front of the drawer for bright furniture for children. This is also a good way to use the remaining stains from other projects. Stain ready-to-assemble pieces and allow drying before arranging. For ready-to-use items, cover the area next to the area where the first color will appear. Apply the first color. Let it dry, and then remove the ribbon. First color masks and use the second one. Repeat with each successive color. Turn the head of a simple bed into folk art.


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