Best Ideas For Glass Shower Doors

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Shower Door Design Ideas

A new custom glass shower doors can offer a degree of privacy, style and elegance through a traditional shower curtain, as well as greatly improve water containment. Custom shower screens can be swing or bypass type, all glass or framed. With frames in a wide variety of metallic finishes and colors. Whatever the style of custom shower doors you choose. The project should begin with precise measurements to ensure proper fit and installation for the shower configuration. Depending on your price range, you have endless design options for your glass shower doors. If you look for an open, modern look, mind-a large transparent glass vessel for making small bathrooms look bigger, and usually the least expensive option. It also provides an ideal way to showcase your interior design shower. Leave plain transparent glass, or accent with a subtle design for added attractiveness.

Clear glass shower doors come with some disadvantages, however. It offers little privacy and can easily develop spots and streaks. For more privacy and less cleaning headache, consider the variety of frosting and textured options. Most shower door companies offer a standard range of texture options, such as frost, rain, antique and cane. Of course, you can also look for personalization options, such as custom etched designs, reflective glass or even tinted glass, depending on your budget and the look you are looking for. Although you cannot think much about it, the thickness of the glass you choose affects the overall appearance, feel, stability and price of your doors. Of course, the thicker the glass you choose, the higher the price. Its thickness options generally include 1/4, 3/8 and 1 glass / 2 inches, with 3/8 and 1/2 inches offered in frameless doors for added stability.

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All glass doors in the shower have different thicknesses of tempered safety glass. Much stronger than standard glass, the tempered glass is broken into pieces of security, in case of broken pebbles. For a luxurious appearance, install a door with thick glass shower doors. It tends to offer a rich look and a heavy, substantial sensation when it slides and when it opens and closes. Although thicker glass offers a good look and style, you can create a greenish tint on transparent glass doors. If you want a door with transparent glass, opt for low iron content, or “ultra clear” glass for a cleaner look. Keep thickness in mind when weighing design and engraving options, many of which also depend on the thickness of the glass you choose.

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