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On many occasions we have seen how to make our own furniture or decorative objects from the most brilliant and extravagant ideas. In today’s article we will also follow the line of handicrafts to discover these original DIY ideas for wall coat rack, which you can make very easily. And with all kinds of discarding objects. The hangers never tend to be left over. But in case you have one with its deteriorated sides. Or discover an exceptionally cheap promotion, maybe you can get some 3 or 4 wooden hangers, which you’ll have to cut some of its sides, leaving a length of certain length that allows you to nail it to a panel also made of wood. Thus, you will get a wall hanger that will serve you as much to hang a bag or coat as hats.

Surely the designer Dominic Wilcox was thinking about getting rid of a bunch of old brushes when he had this great idea. Because you cannot catalog otherwise these original creations arising from the recycling of a brush in disuse. And unusable for its usual purposes. To which it simply must be give a hook shape by turning bristles upwards to serve as a very original wall coat rack. Just look at this idea in which a row of latches or door knobs, uniformly painted, were fix to wall to work as hanger. And although it is not common to keep many old latches. Surely you have one in your attic, being able to complete the ones that you need with a new one bought in any hardware store. As for design and style, you should not worry, because more varied designs of these pieces, more striking your DIY will be.

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As for this other DIY wall coat rack, it is perfect so that once. And for all you can get revenge for that taco that just broke at the time and place less indicated. They look great, right? And all you have to do to get these super chic clothes racks is to stick some high. Or needle studs to the wall to obtain strong and elegant pendants, perfect to place in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Surely, you are already thinking about those abandoned pieces that you could possibly discard. But now you know some interesting ideas to recycle them. Getting, at the same time, interesting coat racks with natural charm idealĀ  to decorate several rooms of your house in a very original way .

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