Choosing Led Chandelier Bulbs For Aesthetics Ideas

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25 Watt Led Bulb

Led Chandelier Bulbs – Now when you have designed your new interior scheme and choose lighting you don’t want to go and ruin everything by choosing an ugly light bulb. There must be different alternatives available for energy saving light bulbs with different technologies, energy consumption, and aesthetics. So you need to choose a light bulb for energy efficiency and aesthetics. Let’s look at some alternative light bulbs that strike a balance between aesthetics and efficiency.

Halogen Light Bulb

Halogen lamps are definitely aesthetically pleasing and they will save about 30% of the cost of electricity on traditional incandescent light bulbs. For example, if you choose a clear candle halogen bulb for your candlestick, the clear light will really make use of the luster of the crystal. Then if you really want an aesthetic edge design go for the flame tip of a halogen bulb candle that will enhance the look of your chandelier away and the light bulb will really contribute to the overall appearance. Obviously, a bulb will never look like a real candle with a flame but a simple clean design from a candle bulb tip is the best choice for electric light bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Energy saving lamps that use compact fluorescent lighting technology is certainly good from an energy efficiency perspective saving about 80% of traditional incandescent light bulbs, but aesthetics can be far from pleasant. This is fine if the light bulb is stored inside the lamp and is not visible, but if the light bulb is visible in the shade or there is no candle holder at all then be sure to choose the right choice. The poor display of genuine linear CFLs and now at least a full spiral energy saving light bulb has improved aesthetics, but the visual appearance is far from ideal.

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Led Lights

If you want the most in energy efficiency, then the best choice is an LED bulb that will save around 90% of electricity even though the initial outlay for the bulb is much higher. However, pay attention to the appearance to ensure that they are right for your lighting application. Now if you have a simple down lighter halogen then there are some very elegant LED MR16 lights available that will produce the equivalent of saying a 25W halogen output from a 3W LED. It is a great energy saving aesthetic bulb that is also good.

If you have a chandelier that says 20 lights then if you use a 40 watt traditional lamp then you will consume 800 large watts which are enough to heat the room if it is not a winter mod! This means you really need an energy efficient light bulb scheme.


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