Choosing New Ceramic Wall Tile In Kitchen And Bathroom

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4×4 Ceramic Wall Tile

The fear of choosing wrong and hanging on some tiles that one should not have chosen can most recognize the decision. You’re not gonna do that! Most of the people who put new ceramic wall tile in the kitchen or in the bathroom must live with them for over 10 years and often much longer. Because it’s both costly and quite difficult to get new tiles in the rooms in the home. It’s mean you least want to do without just one day, namely kitchen and bath. Therefore we would like to choose the right one. But is the safe choice always the one that is most happy? Natural stone or ceramic? Natural stone tiles are made of natural stones that are literally cut out of a mountain somewhere on the globe. It may be granite, lava, marble, travertine and slate.

They can have a variety of surface treatments and structures which also determine how easy they are to maintain. Tiles with a very rough surface can be harder to clean than the slippery ones. But naturally, natural stones do not quite tolerate the very hard cleaners that contain oxygen. In addition, they quickly get scratched. The advantages of natural stone. However, are that they are almost insurmountable and have beautiful structures and shades. The ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are easy to clean and are not easily scratch. There is a very large selection of ceramic wall tile, in a sea of ​​patterns and colors. It is within this type of tile that the brave choices are most often made. Color or neutral? In line with the Nordic style, most white, gray or natural tiles choose the most.

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These are the colors we associate with the classic and timeless. And, moreover, light tiles have the advantage that they make the room seem bigger. However, that does not mean that we should completely keep ourselves from the color tiles. You can choose tile in shades that match the colors you have otherwise decorate with your home. And use them in smaller areas. There can be a field on the wall by the stove. You can also put a field of colored ceramic wall tile on the worktop next to the stove, as the outlet for the hot pots. Pattern or solid color? Choosing patterned tiles is also not typically Scandinavian. But the Moroccan, French or Spanish patterns can be a playful contradiction to Nordic minimalism. They can create warmth and life in the little clinical and cool Danish kitchens and bathrooms, but are also dominant.

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