Clean And Care For Stone Tile Flooring

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Advantages Of Stone Flooring

If you are not familiar with the designer stone tile flooring, these questions and answers will help you decide with confidence if it is a good choice for your home. Then comes the fun part: choose among all those beautiful styles and find the best stone floor design for you. The design stone is the ideal choice over natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles, with a much warmer and more comfortable surface. The stone tile floors are very porous, so they stain and scratch easily. Avoid using very abrasive products. And always, before applying any of the products, try a small and inconspicuous place, since it can darken the stone.

Many people love the luxurious and high-quality appearance of the natural stone tile floor, but they have certain disadvantages. Fortunately, the design stone is an excellent alternative. How if something hard falls on a stone floor design ideas, ceramic or porcelain? So, there will be an unpleasant crack that is difficult and expensive to repair. The design stone is more tolerant of falls and accidents. And is not susceptible to cracks due to minor irregularities of the subfloor. And, if for some reason, a tile is damaged, the designer stone tiles are much easier to replace.

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How about tips to clean and care for stone flooring types? Stone is a natural material, variations in its texture, color and design are frequent. So, for this reason, here tell you some keys to keep your flats in perfect condition. The stone tile floors usually have a variety of designs and uneven finishes that give it its attractive and slip-proof character. However, and because the stone is a very porous natural material, the variations in its texture and color do not take long to arrive, needing periodic care to avoid corrosion. Here offer you some tips to keep your stone floors in perfect condition.

Regularly: Aspirate and wipe with a damp cloth with deodorizing cleaner or azahar conditioner. Once the cleaning has started, do not walk on the wet floor as you can leave marks on the surface. If the area is a lot of traffic, you can apply resistant autobrillo. These to provide an optimal brightness of greater resistance, avoiding footprints. Annually: Remove the old wax with quitaceras suiza and seal again with curator clinsy. Then, you can apply sweet wax to the solvent that will give it an intense and lasting shine. The sealing of the floors must be done at least twice a year. You can improve the results, you can use sweet wax in pasta. But always trying in a small place, since it can discolor the floor.

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