Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas And Examples

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Boy Room Curtains

Boys also want a cool bedroom to hang out with friends. With a sturdy bed, cool accessories and cool wall finishes (wallpaper, rough boards or rough pieces for a vintage look). You can create your own spot for the little twinkle in no time. Below are some cool boys bedroom ideas examples, tips and inspirations. Small and big boys are often crazy about it, trains! Often they are given a beautiful wood railroad from a small age. And then spend hours playing with them. And it is so nice, their own imagination runs free. The toys can often be expanded so that there is always something new to buy. In this way, new railway tracks and stations full of waiting people are constantly being created. You always discover something new at every age.

That the color of the NS is yellow is pure coincidence in these trains’ children’s room inspiration with a nod to the trains. We find a beautiful wallpaper Tiny Trains from the brand Ferm Living. What a wonderful starting point for this playful inspiration boys bedroom ideas. We paint the other walls in the nursery with the cheerful colors Mild Honey, Mild Gray and Subtle Gray from the brand Flexa. The sun is already shining directly into the room. On a wall in the nursery the train literally comes by with this Trains wall sticker. Tuut, Tuut! The masking tape mat rails is ideal for the home. With some extra trains, trees along the track you can create your own station! Super fun to play along with friends. And it is possible to remove it again afterwards, ideally! Lots of fun!

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Many boys dream of being a pirate once. Tough sailors on even tougher ships at sea. The pirate theme is a great fun and cool theme for the nursery to make for the little pirates a real cool pirate room. Your little pirate experiences exciting adventures in his pirate room. And dreams about sailing on the largest seas. Are you expecting a boy, or does your big boy get a real boys bedroom ideas? This inspiration for a Pilot Room is tough. And at the same time the room is soft. This inspiration can be use for both the baby and the nursery. As small (chip) pilots they then discover the world. What are our little boys still fond of, playing fire? They like to play that tough from a real firefighter. She addresses the most adventurous and exciting stories.

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