Cozy And Good Kitchen Window Ideas

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Curtains For Kitchen Window Above Sink Tie

Although we would swallow in every room of our house for a good dose of daylight, it can be difficult in the kitchen to divide it properly if there are many kitchen window ideas present. Very difficult, but certainly not impossible! We show you how to functionally equip a kitchen with many windows. Because, admit, actually, many windows in a room are a privilege. And everyone should only be happy about it. The natural daylight that enters a room through the windows gives a fresh and open effect. Moreover, good daylight during cooking is generally a nice extra! This obviously speaks for itself. But we can not emphasize it often enough. If you can not work in height (this is also a known problem if. For example, you have one slanted ceiling) work in width.

For example, choose a long row of low cupboards. And make your kitchen counter as long as possible. Under the top you can place more cupboards. And you can also directly lose more on the kitchen counter itself. If you can not put high cabinets down because of the amount of windows, you have to get all the storage space from the cupboards under your kitchen counter. You do this the smartest by processing as many drawers in your kitchen cabinets as possible. The more drawers, the more storage space. And that is exactly what you are looking for in a kitchen with lots of windows! If there is a window sill under your window. Put here the accessories that you normally place on your kitchen shelves. This makes the kitchen cozy by adding a number of fine kitchen items and beautiful crockery.

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And how do you design your windowsill as stylishly as possible? If you can not use the walls, just the ceiling! Make several holes in the ceiling and hang a shelf as you see above. This is very easy to make yourself. Then put plants or herbs on it. By also attaching a tube under an elongated plank you can even hang all your kitchen utensils. Such as spatulas and soup spoons. By placing a handy rack on your ceiling (this can be done at a kitchen island. But also at your windows), you create more storage space and save space because you work in height. This can be a hanging rack, but also a few shelves are super handy. On those shelves you then put an attractive set of dishes for an extra stylish kitchen .

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