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Many homeowners choose to build glass block windows both for their durability and distinctiveness. The good thing about having glass block windows is that it gives your home a lot of light without the privacy. Although most people use this type of window in their bathrooms, cellars or garages, glass blocks are also now used for living room windows. You can make your own glass block windows. The glass-block windows are an alternative window style that has been popular since the early 20th century. Glass-block windows are usually used in modest doses like room dividers and bath windows.

Although some buildings use the blocks to make a whole wall. These thick glass cubes emit light, but outsiders see only distorted images. Make the most of the glass-block windows by decorating them. One, come up with a design for the glass blocks for windows. You can do something. There are hundreds of window movie prints to choose from. These can be solid colors or an actual pattern you like. You could also mix-and-match media on glass blocks. If there is a special glass block you wish to have, you can hand-paint it with glass shine.

Two, measure the squares you will be covered with window film. Target blocks individually as they may not be the same. Use a grease cursor to mark the parameters you need for each glass block. Cut out the first window movie square. Just cut one route at a time. Three, use glass cleaner and lint-free cloths to make the glass block panels spotless. Some marks or leftovers will stuck under the window of the movie. Four, remove the window movie from the protective screen. Wrap masking tape around your finger to grab protective sheets if you have difficulty. Spray soapy water on the window as you use the film.

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This helps the films slide around in a steady position. Use a rubber nail to smooth air bubbles and wrinkles from the film. Work from the top of the corner, down diagonally. Five, line up the ruler with the perimeter of the glass block as a straight edge. Use the tool knife to trim the excess window film. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Six, add any other decor desired for other blocks. Rub-on tags work well when you do not try to color the window. Rub-ons only shows their design and appearance best on transparent surfaces. You can also make your own glossy design at this point. Light up the glass blocks and notice the images of the lining window with colored rope lights.

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