Decorate Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding Glass Exterior Patio Doors

Decoration of the sliding patio doors with attractive window coverings will enhance the overall decoration of the room. Choose window covers that provide control of light and privacy, if necessary, and keep the doors that are easy to use. Whether your patio door is a sliding door or a pair of French doors. Add a cornice above the width of the doors. A cornice is a three-sided box that attaches to the wall like a decorative headboard from which to hang clothes from the window. Build the wood cornice and add a layer of wadding and cloth over the wood, if desired. Make the cornice approximately 4 inches wide making it a small shelf above the patio doors. Place attractive decorative items on top of the cornice.

Place vertical blinds on the sliding doors to add privacy. To walk through the door, just pull the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds come in vinyl, fine wood, fabric and aluminum. They also come in a wide variety of colors, and can easily adapt the decoration of the room. Install vertical blinds in conjunction with a cornice and the cornice can be extended over the top of the blinds to hide the top of the patio doors, if desired. Separate a patio sliding door in half with two sets of horizontal blinds mounted above the doors in the wall. Half of the patio door that does not open can have horizontal blinds that extend the entire height of the door. Keep this half of the horizontal blinds all the way down. Raise the other half of the blinds all the way to allow people to walk through the door.

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And when sliding doors became popular, it did not take long for aspiring thieves to expose the vulnerability of the doors. People place jamb bars to prevent doors from being opened after the locks were collected. But thieves rarely slid open doors to gain illegal entry. The lifting of the door and the removal of everything together was faster, quieter and easier than opening locks or breaking the glass. Since then, the sliding glass door has been reinvented. Adding more security features and making it more difficult for thieves to eliminate. Have the glass replaced in the sliding patio door with a reinforced glass with internal tempered, laminated or screen. This can cost money and will have to be done by professionals. But it will deter frustrated would-be thieves from breaking the glass and gaining entry.

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