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By collecting only a few simple recyclable items, you can make your own desk organizer set. Dress boxes, cans and another simple packaging with papers and fabrics to create a custom look for your own desk. Making handmade desk organizers is so frugal that you can make several sets. You do not have to be an expert craftsman for these projects, either. Invite the children to help you stick on papers and fabrics for a piece that is truly personal. An organized desk creates a productive workspace. Therefore, it is not surprising that work utensil like paper clips, pens, and sticky notes are spread across the entire work top. However, it is not necessary to blow up your home organizer budget in a prefabricated desk organizer. Combining recycled cardboard materials with a few art supplies and old-fashioned.

Ingenuity will allow you to make your own cardboard desk organizer set in less time than it takes to run to the office store. Cut a flat, sturdy piece of cardboard to act as the base of the organizer. Determine the size and shape of the base depending on the amount of space available for an organizer to sit at your desk, and how much you would like the desk organizer tray to hold. Cut a roll of empty cardboard paper towels in one piece six inches long and two pieces three inches long. Remove the lid of an empty tissue box by cutting it on the top with scissors. Create additional zones for holding the themes by cutting pieces from a cardboard box to the desired length and height. Decorate each piece of the organizer before continuing with the assembly.

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Wrap the pieces roll of paper towels and the box of tissues on colored cardboard. Draw the color designs on the base and on the additional cardboard pieces to customize the look of the organizer. Place on each element of the cardboard base piece. Set cardboard separators sufficiently separated to accommodate items such as sticky notes or staples. Secure the cardboard roll pieces in place by running a line of hot glue around the perimeter of the roller and holding it in place until it dries. Use the same process to fix the cardboard separators and the tissue box. Allow the glue to dry for an hour before filling the wood desk organizer with office equipment. Desktop blotter once they were used to absorb the ink that can be filtered from fountain pens. Since we rarely use fountain pens, blotters today are more for decoration.

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