Extend Your Living Area Outdoor Drapes With Patio Doors

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The terrace can add additional living space to any house and has a main function and provides a different environment throughout the house. Treat it as an outdoor entertainment area where families can gather and relax, have dinner during warm summer nights, or invite friends to have a barbecue lunch. There should be no rules about what you will do with the terrace, as long as you are there, you will definitely think of new ideas for that. To make the terrace also appear more elegant, then outdoor drapes this is very important for you to pay attention to.

The key to having a functional terrace is to install door furniture that opens the house; there are many choices available each of which meets functional or aesthetic goals. Prioritize its ability to give you easy-to-use access to and from the terrace, and ensure it is strong enough to protect against burglary and intruders. Why not work around any type of patio door that suits your home style, is it a patio door or a French sliding door? Challenge yourself to decorate your door. Here are some tips for combining outdoor drapes and other furniture:

Choose Your Window Cover Properly

Because patio doors allow light to enter the house, they need a cover that can help regulate the entry of light inside. This will greatly affect the temperature inside the house, so choose not only what suits the appearance of the house as a whole, but also what helps regulate heat properly.

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Use Cornices

This is a three-sided box attached to the wall that provides a more attractive header from which the window cover can be hung. There is many ‘does it yourself’ cornice units that can be purchased from hardware stores, then add your own personal touch by adding layers of fabric on the wood. Choose the type of wood that fits your patio door well so you don’t need to paint or put other details on it.

Tinted Window

To further enhance the insulation properties of your patio doors, choose opaque window films that filter light during the day and provide sufficient privacy at night. Films are very easy to handle; you can even install it yourself. Simply cut the film according to the dimensions of the patio door in your house. You can even include some designs or patterns when cutting them, for better aesthetic appeal.


The curtains instantly turn each door into something more dramatic. Emphasize by placing curtains from the ceiling to the floor, this not only creates a high illusion but also makes your home look more grand and majestic.


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