Farmhouse Living Room Popular Decoration Interior

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Modern Farmhouse Living Room Furniture Ideas

Farmhouse living room homes became popular from the 1920s. They were a departure from previous styles, which were much more compact and smooth. The design of these houses tried to open the inside of the house to the outside. Choose interior paint colors that are in tune with the outdoors to reflect the ranch-style interior / exterior emphasis. These can be characterized by green light, brown, orange and other colors inspired by nature. Set the wall of wall carpets in large rooms like the living room or study. Ranch-style carpets typically featured a pile carpet fabric. Choosing it in colors like pale green or peach. Select furniture that complements the expanding opening of the ranch-style home. Hang curtains made of old or open-weave satin fabrics.

To install recessed lamps in key areas of your home. This type of decoration lighting figures prominent in ranch-style houses. Invest in a fish tank and fill up with schools of colorful fish. One way to make this element really stand out is to find a tank large enough to function as a space separator. For example, you can place the fish tank between the small farmhouse living room and the dining room. Wooden beams and bare wooden floors are elements of American recurrent decoration. Other common textures include carved wood moldings, handles, and moldings. Brass, iron or copper accessories are often use, as well as stone and expose brick. In order to compensate for these beautiful natural textures, paint the walls in shades of white or gray. Clean white walls will highlight these surfaces in vivid colors and grain without distracting them.

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Darker shades can complement American decorating plans, but these must be carefully chosen paintings of aggressive saturated tones distract the attention of your American decor. Instead, choose the muted colors with a touch of pastel colors for them, or warm, slightly muddy shades. Colors should generally be of low intensity. Modern American paint colors are derived from the palette of classic American faded tones, but there is more farmhouse living room colors for variation. muted turquoise, soft pink and muted greens can be accepted, as well as somewhat brighter shades, such as yellow sun and ice blue. Blue ice will be especially of the burnished complement details in wood, picking in any orange or red shades present and helping to shine. American decor styles often incorporate subtle textures. To add interest to your living room walls, consider using textured paint clothes to beautify certain areas, such as baseboards or doors.

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