Faux Brick Panels Wall Is In Vogue Again

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Faux brick panels – The technology has been developing apparent coatings increasingly successful in its resemblance to natural stone. For example, polyurethane plates simulate stones or coatings, as do cementations plates. They are a practical option, easy and fast placement. They avoid the cumbersome traditional procedure of cutting, moving and installing natural stones. The apparent stones, are fix on any surface regardless of the state of the wall. They have a real and natural finish. And the joints are seal with the traditional method or mortar. But something more, instead of sticking stone by stone, sticks the sheet or the plate that can be rectangular or in puzzle form. The result is a beautiful waterproof coating, anti-humidity, thermal and acoustic insulation and, to top it off.

From the decorative point of view, these coatings make perfect harmony with all styles. The belief that the stone only represents the rustic style is no longer a paradigm. The practice of covering a complete wall has also been abandoned. In this book of ideas it is shown that the stone cladding is susceptible to be made in the wall. Also in the middle wall, between windows, in a column and even in the beams. To perform this technique we only need to create a wall with the faux brick panels of the type that we like the most. And leave it seen without covering it with plaster or any other coating. And if we do not want to put in work, we can also resort to panels of imitation brick. It is not so authentic but they are placed faster and without so much “noise”.

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For our part, today we have prepared a fantastic collection of wall decorated with exposed brick. Some style are rustic style, others very current, minimalist, chic … In short there is something for everyone. This collection is so that, if you are thinking of decorating a part of your house with exposed bricks. I can help you decide on the style. And placement of the faux brick panels. The king of all the stones although it was always made with molds and made by man; it’s the brick. They never go out of style and their owners do not let go of them. It can happen that they age them more with paintings and special processes or paint them in light colors. Decorative panel with much defined thicknesses that imitate a classic brick in aged tone to make the fireplace or in antique white for contemporary classic environments

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