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Floor vent covers – Mistakes in setting up the wooden floor and not very good ventilation not only destroyed boards and ceiling slabs. Creates conditions for the development of fungal colonies, as a consequence. There are lesions of wood, in the air there are traces of life of mold and mildew. If bacteria and spores are able to remove dust in solid wood. One can imagine what they can do with health and the human immune system. Normal floor ventilation and fresh air do not guarantee the absence of problems. But allow 90% to remove moisture. And solve the problem of minimal loss. The problem with the destruction of wood floors has been know to builders since infinity. To understand the condition of the floorboards. And the presence of moisture beneath the boards, two methods were use.

A fat heavy man with a load in his hands was offer to walk along the edge of the floorboards in the room. Far away from the window and the doors. If the deflection of the table was not accompany by a crack, the floors could be consider sick. The second sign was the presence of a heavy “earthly spirit” or a murmur that indicates high humidity and the presence of rattan products in the air. Even internal ventilation and floor vent covers did not help to get rid of moisture. In the absence of ventilation, those parts of the walls adjoining the floor above the skirt, grounded, launder or wallpaper change color often acquired a rusty shade. Today it is know that even the absence of the listed characteristics is not a guarantee of a normal moisture level in the subfield.

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The reasons why moisture collects under the floorboards can be very different. Incorrectly arrange ventilation of underground water seals. The absence of air through which air penetrates the boards, to running water pipes or even worse drainage. For information! Improper floor vent covers can also occur in apartment complexes. Especially if they are rooms on the first or last floor of the building. It does not save the room with improper ventilation. Even if the walls and ceilings in the building are made of treat wood. The floor of a wood house in the absence of ventilation is destroy in the same way as in ordinary stone or frame buildings. Protective impregnation or coating penetrates deep into the tree only a few millimeters. If cracks appear on the surface of wood books, beams or boards, even if impregnated, the fungus easily affects the tree.

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