Flush Mount Chandelier: Can You Mount It?

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Bronze Flush Mount Chandelier

Lighting in an environment is an extremely important factor. The way she is arranged in space influences her decor and the lamps themselves as well. But, the luminaires alone do not correspond to every impact that illumination can have. The same chandelier with different chandelier result in different environments and the feeling you have may be totally different. Do you want to mount a flush mount chandelier? At best, for mounting a chandelier and the connections of the three electric wires (which are sometimes only two) you will need an electrician band. Also a narrow and flat screwdriver and electrician’s scissors.

Unfortunately, not always the application of a chandelier is so easy. It is often necessary to drill holes in the wall to anchor the fixed structure of the chandelier. Therefore, you will need: drill with fuses suitable for the caliber of screws and fisher. Take the measurements; drill the holes in the wall. And with a rubber hammer, fix the fisher in the wall. The electrical connection, in this case, is the secondary problem because it is much easier. How to mount flush mounted chandeliers? Starting with connect the wires with insulating tape or with the mammoth. It’s called mammuth and it’s that white rectangular box perforated and will simplify things.

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In general, the electrical connection is made simple by the mammuth. A box that connects the metal current conductor (copper). Release a few millimeters of copper from the wires that protrude from the wall and insert them into the corresponding hole of the mammoth. To free the entry of the hole you will have to unscrew it using a flat and narrow screwdriver. You will have to join the copper wires that you have discovered. These by inserting them into the small electric clamps of the chandelier and then screwing them to hold the conductor in place. If your chandelier does not have a mammoth because maybe you bought it in a flea market (good!).

You have saved and recycled a still exploitable device!). You will have to make the connections by hand. Discover the filaments of copper both from the wires that protrude from the wall. Both from those of your chandelier and “wrapping” them together and cover them with insulating tape. The flush mount ceiling lights game is done. You just have to hang up the mains and hope that the lifesaving no shots. Otherwise you’ll have to double check the accuracy of the connections. If the lifesaver jumps, you probably have not inserted the wires into the mammoth well. Leaving uncovered copper portions. Check everything and good luck.

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