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In the bathroom, we often have the difficult task of designing the room in such a way that we can hide the necessary place somewhere. As there is usually not much space in the bathroom, as in the other rooms in the apartment, we have a lot to do with our bathroom design plan. The bathroom furniture must also be made special because of the humidity in this room. The bathroom vanity cabinets is a good idea that will help you save a lot of space and keep all useful things safe.  A possible solution for storing the master bathroom is a double sink vanity with four-door storage, shelves and drawers. This works well in a master bathroom. Because its size is big enough to fill a spacious master bathroom.

In addition to being able to place toiletries and other items on the counter. Then you can keep items like your makeup and hairbrushes in drawers and bigger things like cleaners. And toilet paper rolls inside the closets. A wall bathroom vanity cabinets hanging on a wall is another option for storage in a master bathroom. This is an ideal option if you have a master bathroom that is big enough that you have a whirlpool or furniture. Like a chair or bench, and need more floor space. As a freestanding freezer, wall storage cabinets are available in different styles, which have a combination of shelves with shelves and / or a rack for hanging towels. Choose a corner closet, some of which are a combination of a closet with shelves for a master bathroom.

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A corner cabinet is useful when you need extra storage space. It makes use of an otherwise empty space or tight corner. And can be use in addition to a freestanding cabinet or a master bathroom vanity cabinets. In addition, you can place a waterproof corner closet as storage space in your bath or shower for your shampoo and conditioner, soap, shaver and other items you can use while you shower. Another idea for storage in a master bathroom is a free-standing freezer. Free standing cabinets are available in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can have a tall, vertical cabinet with a multiple shelves. A rectangular cabinet with four doors, or a rectangular closet with a drawer and two doors. Free-standing cabinet design is endless and the size and design you choose should depend on the amount of storage space you need.

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