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Folding clothes rack – The care of the clothes is directly related to the storage system. So the secret to preserving clothes in excellent condition is to know how to organize a closet. Being clear about what type of clothes you have to hang. And which ones to fold. The order is a fundamental part of the care of clothes and prolongs the life of the garments. In addition to optimizing our time when dressing. The key lies in knowing how to organize a closet. The trick to order a closet successfully is to know what type of garments should be hung and which folded. This way we avoid that the fabrics are deform or that wrinkles are form in the clothes. Grouping clothes by type of garment and by color is an element that contributes enormously to order.

The dress shirts are always hung. The suitable hangers for this type of garment are those that go from shoulder to shoulder. Try to hang them with enough space between them to avoid wrinkling. The suits are usually hang, unless you are going to travel. In which case you can fold them carefully inside the suitcase. Preferably, they are hang in the folding clothes rack cover with covers to prevent dust from accumulating on the shoulders. Although if they are for daily use, the cover is not necessary. Blouses and dresses made of silk, chiffon or fabrics that tend to wrinkle. And be easily damage should be hung. The jeans can be hang on a multiple hanger to save space. Or folded in half and place in a drawer.

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In order to avoid distorting the shoulders and loosening the fabric. Cotton or lycra garments should be fold and keep in the shelves of the closet or in drawers. Make sure they do not squeeze each other. And do not make batteries too big to fall. Underwear is best kept fold in drawers and accompanie by similar items such as socks and underpants. Organizers with compartments help keep underwear in place. The best way to store the knitwear or hook is fold. So we avoid that they become deformed by the weight or pull the threads of the garment with the hangers. Order is a habit that must be build with practice and perseverance. Once you get use to following these tips, you’ll see how you save time, space and effort in your folding clothes rack. Do not forget to share these little tricks that make life simpler and organized.

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