How To Choose The Best Vertical Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

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Window Blinds

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are popular with many people. This is a perfect transition between inside and outside the room. The nature of its construction presents several problems in terms of window maintenance. Window treatments are needed because someone might need privacy and the need to turn off the lights at certain times. Consider alternatives and each has several weaknesses or another.


Curtains are clearly the first choice but fabrics can block and they occupy space, cut some light and air.

Vertical External Blinds

Vertical sheers with vertical panels that can be rotated 180 degrees are worth considering if you want privacy and light control. Such as curtains for sliding patio doors can be made of wood, bamboo, lightweight aluminum or textured fabrics. The whole mechanism for hanging curtains is complicated and expensive.

Gliding Panel

It is possible to have a wooden launch panel to close the sliding door. When closed the panel cuts light and air completely and gives total privacy. However, the panel must overlap and this requires space. This can be complicated to operate. There are other options too, regardless of which one you choose, there are problems attached to each. Treatment is an additional factor such as costs. The addition of an external blind indeed introduces additional complications in the form of intrusion into a smooth view of the sliding patio door.

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There is a solution that eliminates the complications of traditional external window treatments for sliding patio doors. The simplest, neatest and most elegant way is to put a curtain in the sliding panel. This removes all losses from external blinds. Nothing is blocking. Sliding doors appear in all their natural glory without blinds to cut through the view or view of the part of the wall. The question of cleaning the curtains doesn’t just appear. The curtains are closed securely between two glass panels and no dirt can reach them. With nothing blocking their movements, sliding door panels can be moved at will.

So how do you open or close the blinds when they are secured inside the double glazing of the sliding door? The solution is simplicity itself. Magnetic slider helps to raise or lower the curtain. All assemblies are enclosed in uPVC or aluminum frames. These frames are inserted into the main frame of the sliding door. Such a framework can also be attached to existing sliding doors to provide a new look that is better and pleasant not to talk about the comfort provided by this type of blinds for sliding doors. It could be and might be the best choice for sliding doors.

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