How To Make Your Own Twin Bed Sets

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Twin Bed Sets – Do you live in a small dormitory or studio apartment? If you do that, you might be familiar with the difficulty of trying to combine style with functionality. This might be a special problem when you want to add a little pizzazz to the main part of the furniture in an efficiency dormitory, studio or apartment. However, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t add style. In fact, this is where you can let your creativity shine. With a little imagination and thought, you can have the perfect living space for day and night. This can be done by changing your twin bed into a sofa. At night, you can change your sofa to twin bed sets.

Pros and Cons

To begin, you will need a twin platform bed, a pair of beds or twin beds that do not have a headboard or pole. It is important to note that because of their width, the full-size bed, queen or king will not change well into the sofa. This won’t give you the look or feel you want (not to mention, it will look very silly). The real advantage of changing your twin bed into a sofa is that you already have the main element for this design – twin beds. This is the same as savings because you only need to buy a few opportunities and end up turning your bed into a beautiful sofa for daytime life.

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Other pros are not like futons, you don’t need to take additional steps to make your twin beds become sofas. All that is need is to add additional pillows on the back of the bed to give the sofa a look. One disadvantage of turning your bed into a sofa is that this idea will not be suitable if you share space with other people. For example, if you live in a dormitory, this might be difficult. However, there is a possibility that this can still work if your roommate uses a space-saving bed that is space-saving. It all really depends on the situation.

You might find the biggest con to be the height of your bed compare to a daybed, futon, and sofa. Platform beds are much lower compare to the daybed. So, remember that when considering this option, and if the height difference doesn’t bother you, then using it as a sofa won’t be a problem. If you can afford to spend a little extra money but still find you don’t like the height problems that come with platform beds, this can easily be fixed by increasing the height of your bed with an extra mattress or box spring. Another option is to buy an inexpensive bed or elevator. They can add an additional 1 to 10 inches or more to the height of your bed.

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