How To Protect Metal Bed Frames

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Metal bed frames striking wall can cause hundreds of dollars of damage. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your bedroom wall from this damage and still maintain an elegant look. A simple, strategically placed wood bumper will eliminate the risk of damage to your plaster. If you are looking for a bedroom makeover, a good place to start with the central part of the room is: the bed. Wrought iron metal bed frames, available in many styles and colors, are a chic option that is durable and affordable.


Move your bed from the wall. Measure the wall with your tape measure and make a pencil marking 2 inches higher than the height of the metal bed frame queen. Keep your level against the wall. Aim the top of the level with your pen tag on the wall. Adjust the level so that the bubble rests between the markings on the tube. Draw a line above the top of your level. Move the level four meters to the right and continue the line to make it eight meters long. Rubbing your stud finds along the level line on your wall while holding the locating button. Make a pencil on the wall every time the control detector light lights up and every time it goes out. Hold the board against the wall. Place the top edge of wood against your level line.

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Run screws through the board and into the wall with Phillips a little on your drill. Place each screw between the marks on the wall that is 1 1/2 inches apart and melts stud placement. Install a screw 1 inch from the top edge of the board and 1 inch from the bottom edge of the board at each bolt location. Slide your adjustable metal bed frame back into place. Determine the overall look and feel of your room. Is it romantic? Contemporary? Tuscan? Shabby chic? Select a color.

The key to using wrought iron to improve a bedroom interior is to accent the rest of the furniture, not matching it. Mix nickel or brass with white furniture and cream; nickel or black with darker furniture. Choose a style based on your room’s overall look and feel from Step 1. Try an ornate bed frame for a romantic room, a single-line black frame for Tuscan decor, straight lines in shiny black or nickel for a modern look and a cream tile ready frame for a shabby chic room. Consider a canopy with skirt white drapery panels for an elegant touch to a wrought iron bed frame.

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