Ideas Simple To Install Metal Roof Panels

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Metal Shingle Ideas

Metal roof panels are a great alternative to common painted ceilings. Ordinary ceilings often look plain, bare and too simple, so the addition of roof panels can improve a space and make it more interesting. Metal roof panels are an especially interesting element, as they lend themselves well to traditional and contemporary interiors. These panels come in a variety of metals, models and sizes. When it comes to quality and relative price, tin roofs are one of the best options available. Measure the width and length of your roof to get its surface and, therefore, the number of metal roof panels you will need. Prepare a base for fixing the tin roof panels. The best and cheapest of the lower layer is common plywood. Place plywood to your primary roof using an electric drill and 2 ½ inch deck screws.

Be sure to mount the best metal roof panels only to the roof beams. Drill small scouting holes to find a joist before doing anything else. Then they will know that the next joist is 16 inches away and so on throughout the roof area. Mark the location of joists with chalk so you know where to drill for the cover screws. Continue laying the wood until the entire roof is covered. If you do not have a friend to help you keep the panels until it is attached, wear a corset shirt made of 2×4. Mark the design lines for the metal roof panel on the plywood with a pencil. This will help you plan the layout of the panel and show you if you need to cut any in order to make a perfect fit.

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Place the tin metal roof panels on the plywood base by nailing with a nail gun. Start from a corner, and be sure to follow the guidelines that are made on the plywood. Always leave one side unbuttoned so it can be tucked into the edge of the neighboring panel below. Continue nailing the tin panels over the plywood until it covers the entire roof. Seal the joints between the tin roof panels with a caulking gun. Be sure to use a high quality clear silicone putty for this task. To finish the roof with tin castings at the corners and at the edges. Each manufacturer has a palette of different moldings and cornices designed to be compatible with certain tin panels. Choose the decorative cornice from the collection of your tin panel to achieve a harmonious look and play.

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