Ideas To Build Corner Storage Cabinet

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Clothing or corner storage cabinet is often designed to hold hangers with clothes on a clothes rack. If you need more storage space in your closet for folded clothes, shoes or accessories, install homemade corner shelves. Corner shelves provide a modern look to a traditional wardrobe, while saving hanger space for your jackets and pants that need to be stored on hangers. To build and install a corner shelf in your closet, you need common carpentry supplies and tools from a local hardware store along with the shelf supports of your choice. Place the large angle conveyor in the corner of the cabinet to determine if the angle is 90 degrees one yet. If the angle is not 90 degrees, look at the protractor to determine the angle and write it down. Use the tape measure to determine the size of the platform by placing it on the wall.

Draw the shelf of the corner on the plywood board, using the pencil, ruler and the measurements you have taken. Create the angle from the corner of the plywood cabinet to draw the ideal corner storage cabinet. When the lines have been extracted from the measurements of the wall, connect the ends to create a triangle. This may well be a straight line, a wavy design or a personal design. Cut the shelf off the corner, using a table saw. The table saw will allow you to create a modern and detailed design for the edge of the corner platform. When finished, use the sandpaper to remove splinters and cracks. Paint the shelf, if desired, using paint or dye and a brush. Let dry overnight, if necessary.

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Place the shelf in the corner storage cabinet and determine where it should be installed. Then, draw a line below the platform on both corner walls. The line will indicate where the shelf supports will be installed. Place one of the shelf brackets up to the line on one of the walls and attach it with the 2-inch long screws and a screwdriver.  And then, place the corner shelf on top of the shelf supports. Push the shelf in the corner. Also, place the shelf on the shelf supports, with the 3/4 inch screws. You may have to get down on all fours to hold the platform, depending on how low you have installed it. Once this is done, place your items on the shelf in the corner.

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