Kids Trundle Beds Is Useful!

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Cool Trundle Bed

You can use the empty space under a cot for all sorts of things. If your child often has friends or girlfriends to stay, a kids trundle beds is useful. So you always have a guest bed at hand, while it hardly occupies space. A trundle bed is very useful if your child often has lodges. You slide the bed away from under the bed. And you have a place to sleep! You can place a trundle bed under almost all beds of this website. So handy! In addition, they have many other useful ideas for your child’s bed. A trundle bed will usually serve as a guest bed. You can also purchase a sofa bed, a folding chair or a folding bed. And so there are many more useful ideas. That way you can use the space under the weather as storage space.

Of course you can also store other items under a kids trundle beds. Look for example at a cot with a drawer. There you will find everything about drawers under a cot. You can spend a lot more than you think under such a bed. So not a guest bed? Then think of storage space. The stage is not only an attractive, but also a very practical element of the interior. On this you can organize a workplace, a corner for games and a cozy rest, underneath you can place a folding bed. And now – how to build everything. The second level in a small space is almost the second room where conditions for work. And sleep can be created in the same area. And the stage, which divides the space into functional areas, does not overlap online, as opposed to partitions. Particularly suitable stage in a tight space.

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However, it is desirable that the height of the room is not less than 2.8 m, the height of the stage is at least 45 cm. And underneath it you can easily place a kids trundle beds with a 20 cm mattress). The design of the stage has been develop taking into account the configuration of the room. As well as the possibility to use space underneath. The cover of the stage is support every 70 cm by the plates place on the edge. Where this is impossible (e.g. in a niche for a bed), the edges of the bottom are fastened to the lid by screwing with the ribs of stiffness. Bars with the diameter 40 * 60 mm. As edge-bearing elements, the same rods are screwed with screws with dowels and on the walls.

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