Kitchen Wall Tiles Element Decoration Ideas

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Stylish Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas

Kitchen wall tiles protect the wall from the heat and humidity of the kitchen while providing a decorative element. You have a range of options in types of tiles and the colors and finishes available, but the general installation procedure is the same. If you buy self-spacing tiles (with tabs on the sides that keep them properly separated from each other) you can avoid the hassle of having to manually insert spacers and how to do it. Placing the tiles. Draw a horizontal line, the level along the bottom of the wall, at the height of a tile plus 1/4 inch. (Example: If the tile’s use is 5 inches high, the line should be 5 1/4 inches from the floor.) Measure the horizontal line and mark the center. Use the level to mark a vertical line at that point, from the floor to the top of the wall.

Placement adhesive. Expand along the lower section of the wall. Which covers the horizontal line and everything below it and goes from end to end, using its adhesive paddle. The notches on the trowel will create a honeycomb pattern on the adhesive that will allow you to see the lines you have marked through the adhesive. Press a kitchen wall tiles ideas with the top of the tile aligned with the horizontal line (so there is 1/4 inch of space between the bottom of the tile and the floor) and one side of the tile aligned with the vertical line. Adjust the rest of the tiles along the wall. Side by side under the horizontal line, letting the separation tabs on the sides of the tiles to keep properly spaced.

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Cut the tiles at the ends of a tile cutter to fit. Apply more adhesive to the wall, from the bottom row of tiles facing up. Construct the tiles on the wall, row by row, beginning each row on the vertical line and working outward. Make the whole wall. Allow the adhesive to settle overnight. Spread grout on the tiles, starting at the top of the wall and using a grout trowel. Press the grout in the joints of the patterned kitchen wall tiles, when tightening the surface. Wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge. Not all lines except the space between the bottom row of the tiles and the floor. Let the grout set for a day. Run a bead of putty in the space between the bottom row of the tiles and the floor.

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