Making Bathroom Storage Cabinets

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Towel Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom remodels are two of the smartest choices for homeowners. A large part of the money needed to refurbish bathroom storage cabinets. However, if you are a skilled furniture maker, you can build all or part of these cabinets on your own for a fraction of the cost.


Planning & Preparation

Measure the room you plan to renovate. Determine where you want to place the new cabinets storage. Also choose the dimensions for the cabinets. Consult a home improvement expert to complete your drawings. These experts may point out an error in your design that will save you time and money along the way. Download free plans on the Internet.  Tear off your old kitchen or bathroom cabinet to accommodate the new ones. Instead of destroying the old cabinets, try to carefully remove them from their holders. You can then sell the old cabinets to a salvage store and take back some of the money you will spend on new cabinets.

Cabinet Construction

Construct the base of the bathroom cabinet with an inch of four inch pieces of wood. Using a corner square, frame the base to your predetermined dimensions. Nail or drill in the frame to secure it. Make sure all corners of the base are at right angles (90 degrees). You can either cut wood in the required dimensions, or ask the shop where you buy the wood to make cuts for you. Measure and cut a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to top the cabinet base you constructed in Step 1. Make sure that the plywood is equal to the base and there is no overhang. Attach it to the place with the help of thong and nails.

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To build up from plywood and work base, use additional 1 inch pieces of 4 inch timber to complete the construction of this single cabinet. The goal is to build a box that matches your pre-planned dimensions for the cabinet. When 1 inch with 4 inch timber is in place for the frame, add sections of 1/2 inch plywood to the sides and back of the frame. Make sure each plywood piece is level with the support beam. Spike plywood in place. Leave the front and top of the cabinet open. The top will later be covered with a countertop. The front will be covered with a cabinet door.

Place the outside of your cabinet. This facade can be constructed with 1/2 inch plywood, but for a more professional look, use a high quality piece of solid wood. This wood should be the same as your cabinet doors. The façade is essentially a frame that will surround the frame on the front of the cabinet. Imagining this turn like a frame, it should be about 2 or 3 inches wide. The doors and hinges of the cabinet adhere to this facade. Depending on the type of cabinet or hinge you choose, your cabinet may not require turning at all.

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