Master Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Teen bedroom decor has become a trend. Many teens hate the dull white walls in their rooms so they choose to paint a black wall and there other people stay white. The great thing about black walls is that they will bring attention to posters and other artwork. Where the other wall is white, it doesn’t make the room look completely dark.

Girly Pink Theme

Girls like pink. When painting the women’s room, try using pale pink with white for a softer look, not bright pink. If you want more colors, try adding green or blue to more contrast. Boys Navy and Khaki Theme, these are two colors popular with teenage boys.

Girls Patterned Theme

The pattern that works well in a girl’s room is spots, bubble dots, flowers, hearts and diamonds. This can be worked into the room well through artwork, bed or wallpaper.

Theme with Patterned Boys

The pattern that works well in a boy’s room is stripes, camouflage, sports logos, plaid or boxes. You can use bedding and carpet to complete the look.

Glam Girls Theme

Teenage girls love the luxury and charm of Hollywood so why not creates a bedroom theme that suits their personality. Use one wall in the room and cut photos of favorite musicians and actors. Add fancy lights, gold-framed mirrors, and hang silk from the ceiling.

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Favorite Artist Theme

This is a room suitable for tween girls. The most popular artists are Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers. Hang pictures of favorite artists along with wall decorations. Just make sure nothing is permanent because the artist’s taste will change on the road.

Sporty Guys Theme

With teenagers, they are more likely to join the NBA or NFL than the Jonas Brothers. Decorate with team colors and add special touches such as bedding and curtains to the team logo or team colors. You can also add posters, banners and other sports memorabilia.

Extreme Sports Themes

Extreme sports are things like motocross, surfing and skateboarding. A good color scheme for extreme sports is green and black. Add a slide or surfboard to the wall to complete the look.

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