Nice Outdoor Glider Bench You Need To Try

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Black Glider Bench

A garden bench is both decorative and practical. Many people use it for example in the front yard or on the balcony. But it can also be used at the fireplace or in addition to existing garden furniture. Outdoor glider bench is a nice garden bench that combines the natural. And the raw in a beautiful aesthetic. The garden bench is perfect for the modern terrace. But it can also be used on passages or as part of a small dining area. The garden bench has a seat of beautiful FSC-certified acacia wood. It is oiled to produce more rustic shades. The oiling also protects the wood, so it lasts longer. The garden bench stands on a couple of shades of fiber concrete that breaks with the rustic shades and adds a raw element. The length of the garden bench is 160 centimeters and it is 35 centimeters wide.

The seat height is also 45 centimeters, which is quite reasonable. It is also suitable for placement in the entrance, where it can be combine with a few boxes under the bench. Because outdoor glider bench has a simple design and is black painted. It can easily be fitted with your existing furniture. Whether you place it inside or out. It will add peace and tranquility with its simple design without making much of it. An ideal location is, for example, in a small passage. Then in the kitchenette or in the entrance where it can be used as a seating or seating area when needed. It measures 192 centimeters in length and is therefore extremely spacious. It is means that there is plenty of room for 4-5 people. For the same reason, it may also be placed at a table.

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This garden bench is ideal for you with a beautiful ornamental garden where small breath holes are desired between the green plants and flowers. It is the obvious choice for you who want an elegant garden bench that looks great with the beautiful plants and flowers of the sea. The outdoor glider bench is made of teak lamellas. It is mount on a set of white painted metal. It can also be fold together and store in the winter, which protects the teak tree and saves you frequent care. However, you do not want to care for the tree regularly if you want it to maintain the warm shades. Teakwood may otherwise stand out. But will eventually have a gray patina.

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