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Teak is a durable, solid wood often used for outdoor furniture set. Its resistance to the weather makes it a great option for this purpose. Even so, teak furniture will exhibit signs of wear after regular exposure to sun and moisture. Renovating the finish of outdoor teak furniture will restore its appearance and preserve it for many years. Teak furniture is the best for its good looks and durability. Teak wood contains natural oils that help resist decay. It is also a very dense wood grain, which helps to avoid moisture. Teak is durable in all types of weather, and many owners leave it outdoors all year round. teak heartwood begins a warm golden color and resists a naturally attractive silver-gray color. To maintain the best possible teak appearance, regularly wash away dirt and grime.

Periodically give your teak furniture a fresh teak oil finish to nourish the wood and help it resist water. Wash wooden furniture with a solution of 1 teaspoon. mild detergent like dishwashing detergent in 1 gallon of water. Scrub all dirt and bird residue from the surface of the wood. You can press the teak wash patio dining sets, but be very careful not to damage the wood. Furniture care tips recommend a pressure of 1200 psi or less and adjusting the nozzle to a fan pattern. Rinse the furniture thoroughly. Wipe with a cloth and let dry overnight. Sand all parts of the furniture evenly to smooth the surface to receive the new oil, following the grain of the wood. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove the sandpaper. Apply teak oil with a brush, following the grain of the wood. Let the teak oil soak in.

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Try to apply the oil evenly over the entire surface. Let dry for 10 minutes. Apply additional layers of teak oil until the oil is no longer absorbed by the wood. Remove excess oil from the surface of the wood before it begins to dry. Allow the cabinet to dry overnight. Buff the entire surface of the wood lightly with a clean cloth to obtain a good shine. Remove the dirt from the outdoor furniture clearance surface completely before applying the teak oil to prevent the blackening of the surface, according to GGI-Myanmar. Remove surface stains by applying a wet absorbent material on the stain and let it soak for an hour. Sand lightly to remove residual stains. Apply teak oil in at least three light coats, do not sand against the grain of the teak wood. Do not use steel wool to clean or finish teak furniture.

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