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Outdoor rocking chairs have a charm that adds personality to any space, whether indoors or outdoors. From a modern and elegant black metal rocker with a traditional wicker chair, outdoor rocking chairs add the finished finish to any patio or porch. Outdoor rocking chairs come in wicker, metal, recycled plastic, resin or wood and are stronger than indoor rocking chairs. However, they still need some level of maintenance, particularly gliders. Oil a rocking chair outdoors is only part of the process of maintaining the glory of your rocker. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance ensure that it rocks for generations. Protect the floor of the work area with canvas or a thick layer of newspaper. Place the rocker on its side. This is the best done by two people. Make a spray solution of 1 gallon of water.

Half a cup of vinegar and an eighth of a cup of mild detergent. This solution can be used for all types of rocker shafts in all its parts. As an alternative, the use of wet wipes for wood, plastic and resin rockers. Wet wipes for babies contain disinfectant and moisturizers that are good for wood. Spray the water solution on the rocker glider mechanism. Pay attention to its tracks, hinges, and joints. Let the solution stand for a few minutes to loosen any hard residue, then absent from the brush. Dry well with a cloth or air dry. displacement spray water lubricant on the glider mechanism (if any), the screws and the joints of the outdoor wooden rocking chairs. Let it filter for a few minutes. Tighten all the screws and hinges that can be found. Lubricate and condition pieces of wood with furniture wax.

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Move the rocking chair to its vertical position. Slide the glider back and forth to work the lubricant over corners and cracks in the glider. Let dry. Apply a layer of waterproof sealant to further protect the outdoor folding rocking chair and minimize the need for constant maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the first layer dry, then continue with another. Move the rocker on its opposite side to ensure that no gasket, bolts or side was lost. Cover the rocker with canvas whenever possible to protect it from the elements. Clean, lubricate and maintain twice a year and whenever moisture seeps into the rocker shaft due to rain, snow or unnoticed irrigation from nearby plants. Be careful to get body parts like fingers in the moving parts of the chair.

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