Painting Barn Door Closet

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Unusual Barn Door

Barn door closet hide a variety of sins behind themselves, from old winter jackets to a child’s unorganized video game collection. However, they do not look like they hide anything. If you are armed with a can of color and an understanding of how you would like to use the wardrobe, you can turn your wardrobe doors into some of the decor, unlike anything you just want to hide.


Paintings bring permanent artwork to your living room and can change barn door closet ideas from an evil eye to a focal point in a room. Wardrobe door paintings work especially well if you use them in wardrobes in your child’s room as they allow you to present your child’s favorite literary character or super hero in her room without taking posters.


Template gives you a way to add some visual texture to your interior sliding barn doors without having to paint a whole mural. Templates come in a variety of patterns and are easy to use. The beauty of templates is that they allow you to visually echo a print that you have on your bed of arena, on painted furniture or even on objects like ceramics. To start a stenciling project for your closet, add a new layer of primer and paint on the doors to cover any brands that the doors have. If you paint the templates to match a ceramic pattern, consider painting the doors the same base paint as ceramics.

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Sometimes add some visual excitement to a room as simple as adding another block of paint to a big object — in this case closet doors. For example, if you are looking to do something with the wardrobe closet door and the wall around the door is a deep gold color, fix a layer of Chinese red plus a little color texture on the wardrobe door. One looks like this, you can function all the colors you have chosen in your color schemes without dominating the most important color you have chosen, which in this case is gold.

Black color scheme

Sometimes a message to the family members living in a hectic household proves challenging. If your family belongs to this category, consider painting a wardrobe or a back mudroom door with the paint board color. When the paint dries, you only need to place a container of chalk on a shelf or counter the vicinity for people to write notes. This type of color also works well on your child’s wardrobe doors. Little children like to leave brands everywhere. This gives them an excuse to do just that without ruining the walls around the closet.

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