Plastic Stackable Storage Containers

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Stackable Storage Containers

Plastic stackable storage containers can help you in every logistic decision, thanks to their characteristic overlap. The space created by a better organization of goods is a concrete help and entails a big saving in terms of time and money. Stacking containers have a conical shape and can be stacked. Which allows a better use of space so in each other. Full containers can also stored on each other (maximum three containers). Stackable containers allow you to collect different materials in a small space. These containers allow you to arrange and organize items on pallets with minimum space. Are designed to adapt to standard pallets for safe handling. The plastic containers that can inserted guarantee a precise overlap. Stabilizing the goods also stacked in large quantities. Containers are available in many sizes, sizes and combinations of different characteristics.

Some the bottom can closed or drilled ribbed or smooth, both inside and outside. Closed walls, perforated or with a partially open side maybe required. The handles can be open or closed. These for the protection of the hands and specific containers are available for the collection and washing of vegetables and foodstuffs. The stackable plastic storage containers are from plastic of the highest quality. Withstand temperature changes from -40 ° to + 80 °. And can therefore also stored in cold storage without being deformed. These containers do not undergo organic contamination and are easily washable. They can therefore also used in the pharmaceutical. Also chemical and food industries, respecting international hygiene standards. Practical storage containers ensure perfect space management in every kitchen.

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Store your food compactly in the storage cupboard, in the drawer or in the fridge. The uniform shapes help to optimally store the plastic cans. These practical stackable plastic storage bins are perfect for storing lighter things. They are a great choice for storing things in offices and schools. The transparent plastic makes it easier to recognize the contents. They are stackable both with and without a lid and can even be stacked with different sizes. For example, two small containers have the same height and width as a large container. They provide efficient storage space. Especially when many containers are stacked on top of each other. Lockable lids can purchased as accessories. The lids, like the containers themselves, are from transparent plastic. The containers are available in many different sizes. Combine containers of different sizes for a storage solution. And so, the end.

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