Popular Kitchen Valances For Your Windows

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Waverly Valances

Letting kitchen valances when decorating your room is not always the best choice you can make. Treating your window correctly can add smoothness and softness to a room and it doesn’t matter if you use folds, piped, puddled or plain. Regarding the practicality that includes your windows also gives you privacy and light control. When choosing the perfect type of treatment for your window, three things come into force – fabrics, textures, and patterns, and choosing the right type of treatment for your window is the first order of business.


Valances are small pieces of fabric that play an important part in beautifying your home. It is hung at the top of the window; it adds softness and color to the window maintenance hardware by hiding everything. This helps in building the style of the room. You can find several types of valances; what you need is what you need.

Simple Valances

Simple valances are treatments used for family areas such as kitchens, breakfast rooms or bathrooms. In places where privacy is not a big concern, mosquito nets can be hung alone and where there are privacy issues mosquito nets can be paired with shutter or curtains.

Curved Valances

This is often used in kitchens and breakfast rooms where horizontal edges and squares are hard to find. It has an upper arch with a middle pleat that is suitable for the area. The lower part of these valances has the same cloth coordination tape.

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Stepped Valance

This is one of the contemporary high designs for mosquito nets. It has several tiered fabrics at different heights, which gives an agile appearance. Valances can be done from window to window or even used in a closet, creating a visual bridge.

Valances Collected

These valances are the most traditional type of valance, which uses twice the amount of fabric used in normal valance, to give the accumulated effect. Extra style is added to the window because of the decorative edges at the bottom. You can use different methods to capture the incoming light from the window using this.

Sculpted Valance

These valances are easily mixed with the style you choose for your room. The hem of this mosquito net can support a contrasting cutting tape. If you are looking for room decor accents, these valances are the best you can choose yourself.

Valance Balloon

A little extra fabric is tightly proportioned to give the balloon a look to the valance. This is perfect for two windows flanking in the bedroom. Knowing the types of valances you can use is very helpful in the process of decorating a room. The window only needs a lot of attention like the next thing in the room.

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