Portable Fire Pit Plan Ideas

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Portable fire pit – The fire pits have become the new way to relax and enjoy your backyard and spend time with friends and family. If you have thought about making a fire pit, but do not want it to be permanently in one place, why not make a portable hole that can move whenever you want? You can even take it with you when you go to the back door parties, friends’ houses or to the park. Choose a location that is at a safe distance from trees, your house, car, clotheslines and outdoor furniture. Place the wrought iron floor standing on a flat surface, then place the stainless steel wok and stand on top. The support of the plant will give the fire pit height.

Check that the container is level and that it does not fall when the wood or coal is placed inside. The stand that comes with the wok helps the round bottom of the cup to remain level without moving. Place either charcoal or firewood inside the cup depending on how you want to use the well. Use wood if you are planning to sit around the fire. If you are going to cook on it you may want to use charcoal, which will continue to burn longer and distribute the heat more evenly. Place a grid on the top grill for cooking.

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However, whatever type of fuel you choose, the portable fire pit still features an open flame. This flame can throw sparks that darken or actually ignite the grass that surrounds it. When this happens, the grass may suffer damage due to the flames. There are some things you can do to help protect your lawn portable fire pit. Find several places in your yard, where you may be able to install the portable fire pit. These areas should be far from tall grass and other trees and plants, and the place you choose may not be on a hill or incline.

Check to make sure that the place you choose for your portable fire pit station is not tilted. Use a level and remove something from the area if it is tilted. This will help protect the surrounding lawn from possible problems with the portable fire pit. Hire a certified professional to install a portable gas fire pit. These can be dangerous to your lawn and the safety of your family if they are not installed correctly. Add a pile of rocks, rocks or bricks around your portable fire pit. This will create an area around the campfire that helps to further separate your lawn.

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