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Creating a living in the room where you go with your friends and family is very important. In a comfortable atmosphere. It is much easier to relax and tune in to the right wave. One of the proven and popular ways to make your room really cozy is to install a majestic fireplace in it. To date, fireplaces perform essentially a decorative function. Therefore, it is very important that the select instance fits perfectly into the overall image. Nice rooms with fireplace – this is the dream for many. And to do it right, both owners of a private house. And those living in an apartment can. Of course, the owners of private homes to install a fireplace in their room much easier. To accommodate it, a living room is usually used. It may be a separate room or a room connected to the kitchen area.

If the budget allows, a fully equip fireplace can be installed in the house. This room provides complete security. Because everything will be equipped under the fire of fire. But one should not forget about security anywhere. Even in the most luxurious interior. It is not necessary to place a fireplace. Especially with open fire, next to fabrics, upholster furniture or carpeting. Many believe that fireplaces are only placed in large private houses. But this stereotype in the modern world gradually goes away. Many small fireplaces are design to fit any average apartment. When choosing a fireplace for a city apartment, try to pay attention to its functionality. Well, if the fireplace is mounted on the wall or supplement with a TV. The latter is relevant for small majestic fireplace.

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The fireplace must fit organically into the surrounding room. Think in advance how it will be combine with the furniture. And decide what type of fireplace you need. After all, in addition to the fireplace and functional furniture, there must be free space. Another tip that is worth remembering is choosing a majestic fireplace for a small room – it must be light. A fireplace made of dark stone or a rich chocolate shade of wood. Although it looks luxurious, but adds visually to the room and makes it less spacious. If you have a small room. The best option for you will be a stylish wall-mount fireplace. It can be mount in two ways – close to the outside or inside. If you want the fireplace to perform not only a decorative function, it’s better to mount it on the inside – otherwise the heat will come out.

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