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Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Vintage

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are common in rural style or log home kitchen, but can also be integrated into other styles, like traditional or old world. Rustic style refers to making it simple, earthy or natural. Antiques that are aged naturally are rustic, but you are not always possible, or wise to install older cabinets in your modern kitchen. If you intend for rustic style, use some techniques to help you achieve the look.


Install the unfinished cabinets in the kitchen, but leave the doors and drawers off. Place these in an area where appropriate for wood finishing, such as a wooden shop, garage or an unfinished basement. Drive nails around doors and drawers in a random pattern to a depth of about 1 inch, remove the nails. Pattern the holes in clusters of at least three. Hammer carefully along the doors and drawers to cause recesses in the wood. Focus on the edges, because that’s where aging occurs naturally. The number of depressions you create is up to you, depending on how rusty your cupboards are.

Apply a layer of matte polyurethane to kitchen cabinet setups, doors and drawers. Allow polyurethane to dry for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the climate. If the climate is dry and hot, 12 hours will suffice. If you live in a humid climate, 24 hours can be required for polyurethane to dry and cure properly. Buff cabinets, doors and drawers easily with the help of a cushion. Remove dust that poles create with a punch strap. Apply two more layers of polyurethane, and allow drying thoroughly. Fit doors and drawers on the cabinets. Buy and install steering wheel and draw designs and materials that enhance rustic appearance, such as wildlife or tree patterns in wrought iron.

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The popular trend of painting kitchen shutters means that many kitchen cabinets are now coated with layers and layers of paint. Many homeowners prefer the look of colored wood and dislike the thought of covering the wood fibers. To restore these kitchen doors to their previous wood finish requires a lot of effort. You can deal with this job yourself with a lot of elbow fat. Scrub the cupboards with ammonia-based cleaners to remove all kitchen greases. Allow the cupboards to dry. Put on gloves and a mask. Open as many windows and doors as possible to provide ventilation. Chemical paints can be harmful in a poorly ventilated room. Dip a brush into chemical paint removal agent.

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