Safe And Enjoyable Outdoor Grill Island

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Outdoor grill island attract customers. But special care must be taken when cooking in barbecues. And when using gas or electricity. These tricks guarantee that your barbecue will be a safe and enjoyable event for both you and your customers! Find out if there are any regulations of the local authorities in terms of fire safety. And emissions that must be met by the owners of the restaurant or hotel. It is very likely that any official or inspector. Or person responsible for fire prevention, has to give a look at the barbecue area before having permission to use it. For all types of grill: install your grill on a safe and level surface. And make sure it is stable and can not tip over. The best place to install it is in the open air.

Never install your grill in a wooden hut, in a tent or on a wooden floor. Make sure there is a five-meter safety zone between the grill. And any flammable objects such as umbrellas, tablecloths or bales of straw. Could the heat emitted by the grill hurt customers or staff? Always keep in mind any unforeseen actions. Such as children playing or guests intoxicated. Therefore, the areas frequent by the guests. And the emergency exit paths in particular are not adequate to install the outdoor grill island. If you are going to serve the food directly from the grill, make sure there is enough space for those customers who are waiting to be serve at peak times. Do not forget that your staff will also need unobstructe access to all areas.

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Surely you do not want to bother your customers with the clouds of smoke that the grill can emit. You will also have real problems if you invade neighboring properties with a permanent smoke screen. Determine in which direction the wind usually blows in your outdoor barbecue area. And install the outdoor grill island so that the smoke moves away from your customers and neighboring properties. A properly equipped barbecue area should have the necessary means to keep raw meat fresh before placing it on the grill, according to sanitary regulations. And it is also recommended to have a drinking water supply to ensure the hygiene of the food. The grill should never be left unattended. As an organizer you should make sure that you have assigned enough staff for the event to ensure that staff working on the grill can take small breaks.

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