Slightly Different Under Stairs Storage Ideas

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Basement Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Under stairs storage ideas – Looking for ideas from under stairwells? If you do not have space and you need extra space. Do not waste more square meters and optimize the stairwell with our gallery of 48 original storage ideas. Shelves, bookshelves, desks, cabinets, armchairs, the conversion of the space under stairs are perfect if you want to clean out the other rooms in your house or apartment. Why not organize it and create a location to store your belongings? And multiply your storage capacity? First, you need to decide if you need a room or extra storage space. Depending on your needs, it is quite possible to consider everything. A furniture for storing your bottles, a library, a changing room, a reading and work corner, a bar and even a kitchenette and toilets!

If you want to install a conventional staircase cabinet it is advisable to choose a swing door. For a slightly different and original layout, you can install sliding doors. There are many models of wardrobes of different sizes, colors and materials. Custom cabinets and drawers are ideal if you want to optimize every square meter of your living space. Here is a very small studio whose space under the stairs contains the toilet. Under stairs storage ideas and closet. It is also possible to create a corner office under your stairs. If you have enough space, you can install a desk, a chair and small bookshelves to store books and folders. It’s an ideal solution if you do not have an office at home. Many people lack space to store their books. If this is your case, do not hesitate and create your space under the stairs a good library.

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Here is a under stairs storage ideas for inserting books and drawers to store small items and accessories. Here is a very successful development: library and reading area. The staircase is locate near a large window. Interior architects decide to optimize and merge two spaces. The under the stairs and the one that is in front of the window. For a really cozy atmosphere, the floor mat decorates the floor. In a small apartment, more and more designers choose to optimize the space under stairs by installing the toilet. Embedded in the wall of this, they become very discreet, even invisible. If you like wine, but you cannot put yourself in a real basement. Why not create your mini wine cellar under your stairs. Just install a bottle holder and that’s it.

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