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Spring temperatures begin to rise and summer is just around the corner. The outdoor post lights is one of the choices we must make for our outdoor days. Llamas, light bulbs, designer lamps … Hard to stay alone! If in decoration we can leave our imagination free. When we talk about decorating with lighting it is not an exception. We must take the right choice for the lighting of our terrace or garden. This can help us transform the saddest terrace in an intimate and romantic. A small balcony in a colorful space and a garden in a large leisure area that delights of its occupants. Before choosing the electrical mechanism that pleases us most for our terrace or garden. We take into account a number of factors when considering your choice. The functional efficiency of the mechanism, the energy efficiency of the same and that suits our aesthetic tastes.

To illuminate our terrace properly, we will need first. A general outdoor post lights that allows the illumination of the entire space, to which we will add complementary lights that create special environments.  Or highlight some part of our terrace. When choosing electrical mechanisms, we recommend that you bear in mind that they must be compatible with the exterior. Since only in this way will you be able to guarantee the complete safety of the installation. For example, we can find mechanisms such as the Iris series BJC sealed, this mechanism, has a membrane that protects the perimeter. And extends the key through a second membrane, which provides protection (called IP-44), which complies with the regulations for wet or damp spaces.

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We have to bear in mind that not only the switches must be prepare for the outside. But also, the plugs must be, within the same range Iris BJC. Then you can see examples of plugs with internal circuits of water ejection, which Thanks to their special design. They lead the water to the outside, preventing it from penetrating inside. If for some reason your project can not be done by means of flush-mount installation, you can choose to install surface mechanisms with IP44 protection. Such as those of the Siemens DELTA surface series. When we value the energy efficiency, we have to discard the almost extinct incandescent bulbs, we should opt for LED or low consumption bulbs. For example, outdoor post lights bulbs that repel insects. And thus take advantage of our lighting to preserve us from such uncomfortable summer visitors.

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