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Antique Bar Stools Barrel

Furniture and accessories for the hospitality industry are a clear support for the reflection. And image of the business and that in chairs and wooden table’s furniture for hotels is something that we have in mind. That’s why in this blog, apart from talking about wine barrel chairs and furniture. We will also give you guidelines on how to use it. In today’s post in Chairs. And wood table’s furniture for catering we are going to give you some ideas to decorate your room with wooden barrels. Use the wood barrel as a table. Place the wood barrel in the center of the room with four sidewalks around. And get an atmosphere of conversation with friends. You will get your client to make a good experience stay in your bar. In addition to the differentiating touch at the level of interior design that the barrel of wood will give.

A wine and a cheese are best taken over a wooden barrel we tell you in Chairs and wooden table’s furniture for hotels. Use the wood barrel as an easel. Place two wood barrels at a separation distance of three / four meters. And on top of a solid wood board, you will get an ideal table / bench for outdoor catering. Then for free bars, outdoor weddings in the afternoon in summer … If you are a hotel that one of the axes of your company is the catering service, celebration events, weddings, communions … We advise you from wine barrel chairs and tables of wood furniture for catering. That you do with a few wooden barrels. And get this presentation as pretty as the one we show you in the following image, economic, trend and super nice, you cannot ask for more!

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Use the barrel as a decorative element of entry to your bar or local. Many places already customize it or send personalized wooden barrels with the corporate colors of your bar or local. Placed right at the entrance performing various functions, an Identification element of the premises. When the customer passes in front you will identify your bar. Another one of support or for the client to take the drink and / or food out. Or to place over business cards, the menu … Definitely in wine barrel chairs and wooden tables furniture for hotels we are telling you that a wooden barrel at the entrance of your local will make customers com. And that if you leave advertising on it, you are encouraging the entry of people to your place and that is always interesting.

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