The Benefits Of Elevated Garden Beds

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Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans

Build elevated garden beds are a great way for new gardeners to get their fingers green for the first time. More manageable than traditional beds, elevate beds allow you to do all. Your gardens from the safety of grass, or garden paths – without having to worry about compressing your flower beds under your feet. This can compact the soil around the roots of your plants, reducing their contact with the air they need to grow.

The land used in elevated garden beds should be a mixture of soil and compost, eliminating the complications of ‘bad dirt’ from your gardening – a problem that many gardeners face in urban areas. Water drainage is more effective with a raised garden bed, which again, allows plants to breathe more easily. In some regions of the world, such as South America, where soil saturation is very high, lifting garden beds is often the only way you can plant many types of plants.

Plants can be place close together, thanks to improving drainage and aeration caused by garden beds. Which allow larger shoot populations (and reduce weed growth) in smaller areas. Research has shown that elevated garden beds can produce between 1.4 and 2 times more flowers or vegetables as traditional beds. Reject the urge to over-make your seed. Even in a raised garden bed, you don’t need to allow a place to step during gardening, concentrating too many seeds in a small area will damage your plant growth.

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Apart from the real benefits of bringing your garden to you, and reducing the need to bend when planting, weeding and harvesting, lifting garden beds allow you to manage your water, fertilizer, and compost more effectively. Nutrition can be direct when need and varies from bed to bed. Before I started gardening on a high bed, I would suffer from severe back pain the next day, due to hours of the hunchback. Because I built my high bed, my back didn’t give me a problem at all.

Carefully designed and well-maintained raised planters can be happy even in the dullest garden. The raised bed can be made into the shape you choose. Making it decorative as well as a very functional alternative to traditional bed gardening. Whether you are a main planter or greenhorn. Elevate garden beds make a great addition to your garden or designation.


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