The Era Of Metal Bar Stools

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Metal Stools

The dizzying career of metal furniture began in the early 1920s. The first models made of innovative material at that time were created by the famous Hungarian designer Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer. Pioneer metal hockey – a metal bar stools appeared only a few years later. Slender equipment immediately gained recognition from the catering industry and stormed the interiors of fashionable bars, cafes and restaurants. A comfortable metal hanger usually crowns a well-contoured backrest and a footrest. Some models were also equipped with armrests. Designers often used designs of famous chairs and created hokers on their basis.

Not looking far, based on the shape of chair “A” of the French company Tolix, created the cult metal hoolouse “H Stool”. When choosing the perfect seat for the countertop one should remember that it should be about 30 cm lower from it. Therefore, in the case of a shoulder height of 110 cm. A comfortable metal stools, a metal hanger should count 80 cm. The same is true of the kitchen island, which is usually more than one meter. Foot rest is another important element. In a well-designed furniture must be 40 cm below the seat. A great investment is also a metal hock with adjustable height. Then the household can easily adapt it to their height.

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You should also take a closer look at the versions with a swivel seat. Thanks to him, in order to sit down, you do not have to move the furniture away from the table top. All you need to do is “turn the seat”. A simple metal counter stools will perfectly find its way in raw loft interiors. It will look great especially in the company of a shoulder made of light. Unheated wood, full of cracks and knots. A bar is a very good solution both for a small kitchen and a spacious living room combined with a kitchenette. In the first case, it saves space. While in the second, it will lead to a natural division of space.

Contrary to the general belief, a metal bar stool is not the only domain of modern interiors. Designers more and more often create models designed. For example, for stylish Provencal arrangements. White color adds lightness to metal hardware, and sophisticated, bent elements, subtle elegance. In terms of shoulders and kitchen islands, opinions can be divided. Their supporters praise space saving and remarkable, designer solutions. While traditionalism believes that nothing can replace the classic table. The kitchen should be above all fashionable and comfortable. And metal stools certainly meets both of these criteria.

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