Unique And Innovative Decorative Concrete Block

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Decorative concrete block – When we think about the design and decoration of a house. The first thing that comes to mind is the amount of money we have to spend to get the results we want. But do not despair, here you will discover some ingenious ideas that will test all your creativity and decorative wit. Obviously paying a person to be responsible for designing and decorating the interior of our homes. Would be a blow to the pocket and certainly is not something that many people can do. So in here we leave you some recommendations that you can apply at home and that fit your budget. The protagonist of today for the decoration will be. The block of concrete or cement. A unique and innovative decoration!

Many times when you finish some construction or remodeling at home. You have many materials that you do not know what to do with them. And end up getting in the way of some part of the house, you would be surprise to realize the many uses you can give them. If you thought you could not get more uses to the decorative concrete block, we present this idea for the garden. Forget spending a lot of money buying pots of different sizes to plant what you want. Now you can create a space large enough with blocks. What you must do is to delimit the space of the garden where you are going to place this pot of blocks. Then join them with cement so that they remain firm, fill it with soil and plant the plants of your preference.

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Surely you would never have given this use before to concrete blocks. Because besides being perfect base for any platform or table, due to its great resistance. You can also use them as a unique circuit of lamps. Doing this is very simple, just alternate the blocks so that there are open and closed spaces. Then open a hole on the right side. And finally place the whole installation of light bulbs and wiring. Another idea to use concrete blocks is to use it as a base or support for tables. As we see here it was used for a garden table, which combines perfectly as it provides a rustic but modern theme at the same time. You can place different stacks of decorative concrete block across the table so you have better support. You can also use this idea for the interior of the house, with an industrial style.

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